KOOD has been focused on materials which are made in Japan, also manufacturing in Japan. We aim to offer high quality and performance custom parts to all customers with uncompromising standards.


CRMO - Made in Japan.

CRMO is supplied by domestic manufacturer with Mill Test Certificate for quality certification. Heart treatment before processing is important for CRMO, and it will meet quality inspection standard.


All process of manufacturing in Japan.

KOOD custom parts are manufactured on various processes - numerical control machining, centers grinding.


3layer plating treatment for high durability.

The plating process is very important, and it is devided into 3 steps - copper plating, strike plating.electroless nickel plating. These processes make the quality of rustless and durability higher.


Feel our quality.

KOOD axle shafts make attached stiffness property higher. You can get information road more, and handle the machine very smoothly.

Practice test for ensuring safety products is conducted to put the machine for All Japan Road Race Championship and Suzuka 8 hours FIM endurance world champoinship, also the strength of products is tested constantly.

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